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VOISET is the mobile task manager aimed
at voice errands made simpler.
With the help of this app, you’ll have no more worries about maintaining your
current schedule and keeping on track with all your upcoming errands while
staying focused on other things at hand.

Voice App: voice - controlled
task manager.

VOISET allows you to view your team's schedule and assign tasks in one click
using only your voice. It's a simple workflow with an easy setup and all the data
you need to manage your employees and make your day more productive.

Your voice assistant
is ready to help you.

We developed a minimalistic efficient task manager app using Voice
technology. This app was specifically made to be used in the field
of construction, real estate and other industries with a lot of fieldwork.

Get things done, faster.

Forget about clicks, searching for keywords, and typing - just
say what needs to be done, and Voiset will determine the
date and assignee automatically.
Open the app
Record a voice message
stating the assignee and date
Attach the required
files, and press “Save”

A simple, but useful assistant.

Voice control

VOISET makes the assignment process easy and convenient. When you assign a task to one of your team members, the app saves both the original voice message and text transcript in the task body.

Status Checkup

Tasks have the statuses we are used to. A simple, user-friendly notation that shows the level of all your assigned tasks so you can analyze team workload at a glance and set appropriate due dates for greater productivity.


The app is intended for team managers to be able to monitor their teams' workloads. It shows the average time each task takes, along with how many tasks each team member is responsible for.

Convenient chat

Use team chat and comments to communicate in a more efficient way. Every task has a chat, so you can be sure that your teammates understand what you need.

Most Useful Features

Voice messages consume a lot of time and money. Voiset
frees up valuable floorspace by allowing you to view which
tasks in your virtual office have been assigned to where, then
eliminating the need for needless multi-tasking.
Simple Workflow
Clear Instructions
Status Checkup
Workload Tracker
Widgets with statistics

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