Setting tasks by voice is your new productivity tool!

Open the app, tap record, and effortlessly set tasks by voice. Say goodbye to typing and save time with this intuitive approach!

Voice - controlled
task manager.

View your team's workload and assign tasks with a one-click, using only your voice.
Creating tasks in just 1 click
Real-Time Translation for 33 language
Working with the link task
Text transcript of the task

No time to
describe task
details in text?

Forget about endless voice messages in chats,
just open the app and create a new task.

Hold the
microphone button
and start talking

Record a voice message stating the assignee and date. The app will determine the date and assignee automatically.

You can catch

Every task also has a chat and comments section where colleagues can clarify details and exchange updates.

Work with your team!

No more wasting time and resources on complex tools. With Voiset, you get everything you need to organize your workflow.
Share the link to the task and work together
Add the necessary files to the task
Keep track of each team member's workload with a smart calendar
Track of task due dates with simple and user-friendly status notation

Be productive in personal management

Always be aware of current deadlines and the number of tasks completed, and always catch the most important.
Track your progress to be more efficient in all areas of your life
Get only the notifications you need
Working in a team? - Monitor team ananalytics to see the full picture of effectiveness.

Sharing the task via messenger or SMS

The use of this functionality is limitless. If you are a manager or director in any company, this functionality will help you cooperate effectively with clients, even from different countries.
Create an empty form with an according name, set the date and priority
Create a link to the task or send a link by SMS
The recipient will be able to work with the task directly in the browser and use all the functionality of the app.

Get it all in one place, use it everywhere.